31 Aug 2004

Survey indicates New Zealanders want aid money spent in the Pacific

6:44 am on 31 August 2004

There's been a big increase in the number of New Zealanders who want to see the Pacific region get most of the country's Aid money.

A independent poll has found almost three quarters of New Zealanders want to see the pacific get the bulk of Aid money up from half five years ago.

The survey was carried out for the Council for International Development on behalf of the government funding agency, NZAID, and 64 non government aid organisations.

The Executive Director of the Council, Rae Julian, says New Zealanders are now more globalised and aware of their responsibilities.

"In 1999 aid was something you did to help Africa or to help Asia. The issues of the pacific I think are nearer to home and people know about them. But what we really found positive was that people supported this aid."

Rae Julian says she hopes the survey results will help prompt the government to triple its aid funding to reach the level suggested by the United Nations.