20 Aug 2004

US accreditation boss to visit Marshall Islands

1:39 pm on 20 August 2004

A key US education official is expected to visit the Marshall Islands to address the situation facing a higher education institution.

The head of the United States-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges accrediting commission is due to visit the College of the Marshall Islands at the end of the month.

The college risks losing its accreditation, forcing the college to close.

Accreditation makes the Majuro-based college eligible for US federal funding, which now accounts for about four million of its six million US dollar annual budget.

Officials says the higher education institution is important and crucial to serving the needs of the community.

The dean of academic affairs, Marilyn Salas, says the college will do what is necessary to bring it up to standards.

Problems in administrative capacity, student services, admissions, financial resources and financial accountability are among areas that aren't in compliance with federal standards.