12 Aug 2004

Indonesia judge gives Papua separatist 10 years' jail

10:22 am on 12 August 2004

A separatist leader in the Indonesian province of Papua has been given a 10-year jail term for advocating the region's independence.

A panel of judges at the Jayapura District Court sentenced the 50-year-old Yance Hembring to 10 years in prison on Tuesday, twice the sentence the prosecutors had asked for.

The judge, FX Soegihar, said the stiff sentence was because Hembring had been proven guilty of treason against the state and had shown no remorse for his actions.

Hembring was arrested in January after attending meetings last year where he advocated a referendum to determine the future of Papua.

He also set up a secretariat for the banned Free Papua Movement of which he is a leader.

Hembring says he doesn't recognise the Indonesian court and will appeal against the sentence.