9 Aug 2004

UNDP expected to take bigger role in Pacific

1:57 pm on 9 August 2004

The United Nations is expecting the UN Development Programme to take a much bigger role in the Pacific following next year's meeting on the Small Island States in Mauritius.

Anwarul Chowdury, a UN undersecretary general with responsibilities for the Small Island States, has met with Pacific leaders to encourage them to attend the meeting in Mauritius next January.

He says the meeting is vital to advancing the concerns of the small island states.

Mr Chowdhury says the small island states will need international assistance to deal with the growing numbers of issues they have to confront.

He says the UNDP will be one of the main agencies supporting the implementation of decisions made in Mauritius.

"The UNDP is the largest technical assistance arm of the United Nations and the UNDP is engaged in broader areas of support. We would like the UNDP to come in in a big way to support the decisions we take in Mauritius."

The UN Under Secretary General with responsibility for small island states, Anwarul Chowdhury