3 Aug 2004

Solomons government blamed for corruption

3:19 pm on 3 August 2004

The Solomon Islands government and its public service are alleged to be at fault for the corruption being experienced in the country.

An anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency International, has just released a report on Solomon Islands which says the extent and severity of corruption are critical.

Linda Skates reports.

"The hard hitting report lays the responsibility for corrupt practices with the government and the public service. It says attempts to deal with corruption have been largely ineffective because government agencies, like the Public Service Commission, were vulnerable to political pressure and a lack of resources. It also states that members of parliament, the government, and parts of the private sector, civil service and police force have been complicit in increasing national corruption. And, the domination of the economy by foreign logging companies led to the government being vulnerable to their demands. The report also says foreign aid donors did little in the area of anti-corruption. Transparency International is calling for vigorous prosecution of corrupt leaders and for greater resources to fight it."