21 Jul 2004

Solomons police establish new intelligence unit

10:39 am on 21 July 2004

The Royal Solomon Islands Police today begins the process of establishing a new division, the National Intelligence Unit in its efforts to be pro-active.

The Superintendent In Charge of the Joint Intelliengence group within the Participating Police Force, Geoff Cotterill says the new unit will be working closely with immigration and customs divisions in areas of counter terrorism, national security and the monitoring of the country's borders.

"Once we set uo the liasons between the RSIP and the NIU and all the other Pacific nations, including Australia, we have the ability to question the history of people and if they are here for the right reasons. We will have people monitoring who comes into the country, why they are coming here and, of course, to make sure they are who they say they are."

The unit's establishment follows the recent opening of a police post at the Solomon Islands side of the Papua New Guinea, Bougainville border which also caters for immigration, customs and quarantine.