11 May 2004

New force in New Caledonia pledges focus on ideas

3:45 pm on 11 May 2004

A New Caledonian politician who was elected following his departure from the Rassemblement of Jacques Lafleur says his group will seek to get majorities based on ideas.

Harold Martin joined the Future Together coalition which has emerged as the strongest force in the southern province in Sunday's election.

The group's top-ranked politician, Marie Noelle Themereau, says she won't enter a coalition with the National Front.

And Mr Martin has told Radio New Caledonia that their group wants to win on ideas.

"We will form a majority on ideas - a majority on ideas which means that we will put forward the entirety of our proposals and then we will see who will vote for them. On those who vote for them are welcome because these are measures to reduce the fractures in this country which are too significant."