5 Apr 2004

Campaign launched today in Geneva over alleged abuses in Indonesian province of Papua

7:12 am on 5 April 2004

An international campaign which hopes to highlight human rights abuses in the Indonesian province of Papua is being launched today.

The conference, called "Building Peace in West Papua" is taking place at the United Nations building in Geneva.

The one day event hopes to mobilise the international community to address alleged Indonesian crimes against humanity and possible genocide.

Campaign organiser, John Rumbiak from the West Papuan Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy, or Elsham, says this is a big day for the Papuan people.

"It's a milestone, it's an announcement, it's a standing up of the West Papuan people calling on the international community. We would like to have that one day to explain about what has been going on in Papua since 1969."