16 Mar 2004

New inspectorate in Solomons Islands will monitor police performance

7:29 am on 16 March 2004

A spokesman for the Royal Solomon Islands Police says a new inspectorate will monitor staff performance in provincial areas.

Superintendent Barnabus Nimelie has been assigned to assess staff discipline and attitudes.

The police spokesman, Selwyn Tiaro, says he believes the move will improve the accountability and responsibility of officers.

"The officers are yet to make extra effort to come to work. Some of the officers are making some extra effort to come to work on time, and some officers need to be closely monitored, or need close supervision. The inspectorate office will also monitor to see that police properties and resources are properly used."

Selwyn Tiaro says the inspectorate will also monitor the use of police property, vehicles, boats and houses, which some staff have abused.

He says any officer found underperforming could lose his job.