15 Mar 2004

French Polynesia's Tavini to form partnership with France's Socialists

4:40 pm on 15 March 2004

French Polynesia's Tavini Huiraatira party and the Socialist Party in France say they want to draw up a formal partnership that will involve unspecified political and financial support.

A Socialist MP, Rene Dosiere, has attended the Tavini weekend congress in Tahiti and says the Tavini leader, Oscar Temaru, will visit France within a month to formally sign the deal.

In his address, Mr Dosiere alluded to the administration of Gaston Flosse by describing it as a system based on autocracy and authoritarianism.

Mr Temaru has welcomed the support message, saying it is a massive boost.

Meanwhile, several opposition parties have indicated that they plan to join forces, should the territorial assembly be dissolved.

Last week, Mr Flosse again raised the prospect of early elections, possibly in October.