27 Feb 2004

Academic says some current politicians in Solomons must go for country to move forward

4:26 pm on 27 February 2004

A senior lecturer at the University of the South Pacific says Solomon Islands will not be able to move forward unless there is a change of government.

Jon Fraenkel has been in Wellington conducting a Seminar on the state of Solomon Islands.

Mr Fraenkel says the Regional Assistance Mission must move to build up the confidence of Solomon Islanders so competent locals can be put in positions of responsibility.

He says the current government is not good for the future of the nation.

"I'm not optimistic that the current government can bring about stability because the current government is very much a return to the politics of cronism that existed under previous administrations during the early 1990s. I am optimistic that the people of the Solomon Islands can get together a new political set up that would do away with that kind of politics."

Jon Fraenkel from the USP.