20 Feb 2004

Fiji police say review by New Zealand officers points to further avenues of enquiry in coup cases.

4:32 pm on 20 February 2004

Fiji police say a report by New Zealand police officers pinpoints potential informants for their coup investigations.

Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says two senior police officers, who conducted a review of coup investigations in Fiji, have recommended further avenues of inquiry.

"They've identified some people that we should speak to from whom we may be able to obtain further evidence. The people that we've been recommended to talk to are largely people that is believed would have information that relates to alleged conduct of some people."

Mr Hughes says it is hoped that new information will enable the police to resolve seven outstanding cases.

He says that while the contents of the report are a matter of public interest, they are unlikely to be made public before the cases reach court.