5 Feb 2004

SPREP head says integration the key to preserving Pacific Ocean

3:12 pm on 5 February 2004

The Director of the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme says integration at all levels is the key to preserving the region's greatest resource, the ocean.

Asterio Takesy is addressing the Pacific Islands Regional Ocean Forum in Suva today before the conference finishes tomorrow.

The forum has delegates from a number of countries and regional organisations for five days of discussion about how to protect the ocean and sustain its resources.

Mr Takesy says the ocean policy adopted by the region provides a blueprint for improving their stewardship of the ocean.

"And the biggest thing in my mind is that it's got to be done on an integrated basis in order for decision makers at all levels to be able to make informed decisions. Therefore, they've got to have the adequate information in order to do that."

Asterio Takesy says decision-makers alone cannot implement the policy; they must have the support of the public, who he says must be kept informed.