28 Jan 2004

Senior Solomons Policeman jailed for five years

5:02 pm on 28 January 2004

A senior Solomon Islands police officer and former commander in the militant Malaitan Eagle Force, James Kili, has been jailed for five years.

Last week he pleaded guilty to three assault charges, and charges of intimidation, malicious damage, and threatening violence with a firearm.

The incidents occurred before the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI, in July last year.

The acting Chief Magistrate, David Chetwynd, says Kili was a man with no control, who was aggressive and reckless and had bullied his way through life.

Mr Chetwynd says he had disgraced the role of a police officer and embarrassed those police who fulfil their duties.

Kili was a key member of the Police Field Force which joined with the Malaitan Eagle Force to overthrow the elected Government in June 2000.

Before RAMSI's arrival Kili was second in command of the police's elite STAR division, which has since been disbanded.