5 Jan 2004

PNG's Red Cross is concerned for settlers welfare on their return home

4:11 pm on 5 January 2004

The Red Cross in Madang in Papua New Guinea says its concerned about what will happen to settlers when they return to their home provinces.

This follows the provincial government and police targeting over 12-thousand settlers in a bid to evict illegal settlers squatting on government land.

Maureen Hill says many of them have nothing to go back to.

"They're being sent back to their place. What are they going to do to make a living? How are their children going to go to schools that are non existent? It's not like these people are going to somewhere better. I mean everyone says eviction yes, but where are these people going to? Some of them will have no idea who their families are when they go back, and their families won't know who they are."

Maureen Hill says settlers who haven't returned home are in camps, and living in whatever shelter they can find, and surviving on garden food crops.