24 Nov 2003

Two NZ navy ships deliver supplies to Tokelau

4:51 pm on 24 November 2003

The three main atolls on Tokelau are being supplied with goods from New Zealand by the two visiting navy ships which are part of a state visit.

Lieutenant commander, Mark Longstaff, who is the executive officer on HMNZS Endeavour, says as well as providing a passage for the governor-general and the associate minister for Pacific Island Affairs, they are busy offloading supplies.

He says they are working long hours, bring in supplies by helicopter.

"Lifting approximately twenty odd pellets of goods which have been provided from New Zealand, paper supplies, washing machines all sorts of bits and pieces that they're probably desperately short of. We did first Fakaofa and then Atafu and then Nukunonu - about twenty odd load lifts each island."

Lieutenant commander Longstaff says they've just delivered a water tank to Nukunonu.