17 Nov 2003

Hopes that airport security screening of Marshall's president will be scrapped

6:26 am on 17 November 2003

Airport screening of the President and first lady of the Marshall Islands is expected to be scrapped

Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, a Federal Aviation Directive has meant that President Kessai Note and the first Lady, Mary Note, have been searched before boarding ...despite various complaints from government officials.

A representative of the United States Transportation Security Administration was in Majuro last week to discuss a variety of security issues, including a revision of the security screening provision.

Since President Note does not have US Secret Service protection in the Marshall Islands, he has been subject to searches before boarding Continental and Aloha Airlines, both US carriers servicing the Marshall Islands.

Civil aviation Director, Stanley Myazoe, said he was waiting for written confirmation in the next few days and was hopeful that the new rules could be implemented within one month.