15 Oct 2003

Fiji Democrats to contest Indian seat in Labasa by-election

5:53 pm on 15 October 2003

The Fiji Democratic Party is to contest the by-election for the Labasa Indian Communal seat in December.

The party leader, Filipe Bole, has told the Fiji Times that they are confident of finding a suitable candidate who is well versed with issues affecting the people of Labasa.

Mr Bole says one of the biggest problems facing the people there is expiring leases.

He says the Democrats believe that multi-racialism and equality of opportunity are the only ways forward for Fiji's people.

He says he is confident that the Fiji Democratic Party will put up a good fight against the Labour and National Federation parties.

The prime minister Laisenia Qarase's ruling SDL party also expects to put up a candidate for the Labasa Indian seat.