30 Sep 2003

Backing for Fiji cane farmers hit by drought

5:04 pm on 30 September 2003

The chairman of the Fiji Sugar Commission, Gerald Barrack, says he will support the National Farmer's Union request for a cash grant from the government.

The union's general secretary, asked for a cash grant from Mr Barrack and the Minister for Agriculture, Jonetani Galuinadi, because crops have been substantially reduced by a prolonged drought.

He's also called for a crop rehabilitation programme for next year to meet Fiji's sugar export commitment.

Mr Barrack says he's conducted an independent review of the cane-belt and has discovered conditions are as bad as described by Mr Chaudhry.

"I had found it had very dry conditions and I would be happy to attend the Parliamentary sugar select committee meeting to discuss the subject if the Minister convenes a meeting ."

The Chairman of the Fiji Sugar Commission, Gerald Barrack.