17 Sep 2003

Prominent Solomon Islander says PM should now sack corrupt and incompetent Ministers

4:48 pm on 17 September 2003

A prominent Solomon Islands development adviser has called for the sacking of cabinet ministers and senior public servants who have been accused of embezzlement or corruption.

Dr John Roughan, the adviser to the Solomon Islands Development Trust, says Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza should act against tainted officials now the country's "law-of-guns" period was over.

The Solomons is now largely under the control of an Australian-led Pacific intervention force which ended nearly four years of sporadic violence.

Dr Roughan says it perhaps it's understandable that during the law-of-guns period the Prime Minister was reluctant to dismiss criminal ministers.

But he says that time has passed.

"it is time to go back to a ordinary mode of direction, saying, okay these people whom I may have difficulty with, dismissing them because of their inappropiate behaviour, I will now dismiss them, or at least I will stand them down until a court of law decides their fate."

Dr Roughan says in the Cabinet there are four or five Ministers who should go, including one who has been accused of sending thugs to a newspaper to demand a compensation for a published story.

He says it is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to show his calibre and leave an honourable legacy.