29 Aug 2003

Papua New Guinea MP facing dismissal after Leadership Tribunal rulings

3:33 pm on 29 August 2003

The Papua New Guinea MP, Bernard Hagoria, could face dismissal from office after he was found guilty of six misconduct-in-office allegations by a leadership tribunal.

The Tribunal found the Yangoru-Saussia MP guilty of misusing 350 thousand US dollars in public funds after assuming office in 2000.

The tribunal could recommend the MP's dismissal, which is the maximum penalty, while the Governor General has the final say.

Meanwhile, a high-profile PNG lawyer was arrested by the Police Fraud squad for allegedly misappropriating more than 140 thousand US dollars belonging to the National Provident Fund.

Angeline Theresa Sariman was charged with four counts of conspiracy to defraud the NPF and four counts of misusing funds.

Sariman's husband, the former NPF corporate secretary and lawyer Herman Joseph Lee, is facing similar charges after a police probe.