28 Aug 2003

Fiji military to appeal scrutiny order

4:41 pm on 28 August 2003

The Fiji military has indicated that it will fight the court of appeal order to the army to open up its regimental funds for audit by the auditor general.

Its spokesperson, Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni, says the military is not satisfied with the court ruling and it is seeking legal advice on the matter.

The dispute about the audit goes back to 1997 when the former military commander, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, refused to allow the then auditor general access to the regimental funds.

The matter was taken to the high court which ruled in favour of the auditor general.

Warrant officer Leweni says the army is currently looking for legal representation outside the military.

"Legal counsels for the commander have reviewed the judgment and it has sought legal advice from outside the military here and will appeal.'"

Warrant Officer Neumi Leweni