20 Aug 2003

Former Bougainville businessman who lost his business wins huge payout

4:56 pm on 20 August 2003

A businessman who sued the Papua New Guinea government after losing his business in Bougainville in the early years of the rebellion has won his case.

The Supreme Court has ordered the State to pay Peter Goodenough 6-POINT-4 million US dollars in damages for his loss of business and assets.

The National newspaper reports Mr Goodenough's lawyer says the award may climb as high as 7-POINT-6 million dollars when interests and other costs are added on.

Mr Goodenough was forced to wind down his business in 1989 when the Bougainville uprising started.

In 1992, PNG Defence Force soldiers entered his premises and seized his equipment and property.

Mr Goodenough had been awarded 1-POINT-7 million dollars in 1997

but appealed to the Supreme Court.