13 Aug 2003

Fiji's Methodists call for control of new Christian churches

8:21 am on 13 August 2003

Fiji's Methodist Church is calling for controls on the number of new Christian churches being registered in the country.

The general secretary of the Methodist Church, the Reverend Jione Lagi, has told the Fiji Times that there are more than enough churches.

The Reverend Lagi says the teachings and views of the new churches clash with those of the traditional churches and create more problems for the people.

He says the new churches being established in Fiji promise a better life and greater freedom of worship to attract followers, especially the young.

As well, they don't have restrictions on dress and allow young women to wear very fashionable clothes while attending services.

In an editorial today, the Fiji Times says while the constitution guarantees freedom of religion, the country has witnessed miracles for sale, healing crusades, television evangelism and street corner thumping as the churches compete for followers and their money.