31 Jul 2003

Solomons opposition MP concerned about negotiations with former militant

10:47 am on 31 July 2003

A Solomon Islands Opposition MP says the intervention force should not be negotiating with former militant Jimmy Rasta about when he might disarm.

Today(wed) the intervention force leadership met with Rasta, a one time leader of the militants in the Malaitan Eagle Force.

Since the disbandment of the MEF, Rasta has maintained an armed gang that has intimidated people, particularly in Honiara.

He has allegedly won control of dozens of Honiara businesses through extortion.

Alfred Sasako says people such as Rasta are the very people who have benefitted enormously during the unrest..

"I think these people have been given far too much freedom to do whatever they want and I think their time is up. They should be like everyone else trying to respect the rule of law in the country."

Jimmy Rasta said he would order his men to disarm by August 15th.