23 Jul 2003

Fiji Minister says including Labour will create instability

5:12 pm on 23 July 2003

Fiji's Labour Minister, Kenneth Zinck, says the inclusion of the Labour party in cabinet will create instability in the country.

He's one of four cabinet minister who have said that they would be ready to resign if asked to by the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, to make way for the Labour party in cabinet.

Mr Zinck says the Qarase government has worked hard to maintain a level of stability in Fiji and that must continue.

He believes that his portfolio would be handed over to the Labour party.

"I believe that the sound leadership the Prime Minister has been carrying on for the last two years, I think it is important to give him the leeway, and the comforts to govern the country, and the fact that we have enjoyed peace and stability in the last two years, that needs to continue, with a lot of Trade Unionists in the Labour Party, surely they can handle the ministry of labour."

Kenneth Zinck - Fiji Labour Minister.

The others who may resign are Public enterprises minister Irami Matairavula, Minister for multi ethnic affairs, George Shiu Raj and assistant minister for health Tomas Sauqaqa.