15 Jul 2003

Fiji opposition wants cabinet to resign if Supreme Court denies govt appeal

10:21 am on 15 July 2003

Fiji's opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, has called on all cabinet ministers to resign if the Supreme Court rules in favour of the Labour Party's inclusion in the government.

Mr Beddoes says this will gave the prime minister, Laisnia Qarase, a free hand to appoint a new cabinet to include Labour to comply with the constitution.

Radio Fiji quotes Mr Beddoes as saying there is no need to burden taxpayers further by creating eight new cabinet posts at a cost of one point five million US dollars, as reported by a local newspaper.

Mr Beddoes says everyone involved should put the greater interest of Fiji ahead of their own and resign.

Mr Qarase says the government is fiercely opposed to a mutli-party cbainet to include Labour, but preparations will have to be made regardless.

Both police and government sources have indicated that the Supreme Court judgement could be out soon, now that the South Pacific Games are over.