26 May 2003

Kava study shows no basis for market recalls or restrictions

4:43 am on 26 May 2003

nb have checked this is new - earlier report was by Uni of Hawaii's Chang Shih Tang."

A new study into the kava industry has found there is no basis for the restrictions on kava imposed by health agencies in Europe in 2001.

The report was commissioned by the European Union's Centre for the Development of Enterprise at the request of The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

It suggests that a Kava committee should be established to try to regain market authorisation for kava products, processed into a range of prescription drugs and herbal remedies.

The secretary-general of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Noel Levi, says the study reinforces the secretariat's faith in kava.

He says it has been used safely in its natural form for hundreds of years.