24 Jun 2003

Solomon's Tikopia Island needs more help after further cyclone damage

4:21 pm on 24 June 2003

The Solomon Islands Government and aid agenices have been called on to reassess cyclone damaged Tikopia and to urgently send more relief supplies.

MP Joses Sanga says he has reports that the island, badly damaged by Cyclone Zoe six months ago, was further wrecked by Cyclone Gina two weeks ago.

This latest storm was followed by landslides which damaged dozens of buildings and destroyed many of the gardens replanted after Cylcone Zoe.

Mr Sanga also says the last of the relief supplies sent after Zoe - 143 bags of rice - were wrecked by Cyclone Gina.

He says a new assessment of Tikopia is needed.

"I think those who will go to Tikopia to further assess the situation, must bear in mind that what ever was prepared to take them on for the next six months, has now been destroyed, that's what I'm saying, that there should be further relief consignment passed to Tikopia"

Joses Sanga says the island's recovery has been put back a further six months.