5 May 2003

Amnesty International again raises concerns for detainees in Papua

4:15 pm on 5 May 2003

Amnesty International has again raised concerns about the treatment of civilians arrested in a military clampdown following last month's raid on an armoury in Indonesia's Papua province.

Three people, including two soldiers, were killed and 29 weapons stolen during the raid in the town of Wamena early last month.

One of the detainees died while in military custody, and Amnesty says seven others, now being held by police, remain at risk of further torture or ill-treatment.

Amnesty says one of the detainees has had a thumb nail torn out, his fingers placed under the leg of a table and his shins kicked.

It says others in the group are said to be badly bruised as a result of beatings while in military custody.

Last week, it was reported that the military action following the raid has forced thousands of villagers to flee to the jungle.