13 Feb 2003

Guam police chief says police indictment a blow to force reputation

4:53 pm on 13 February 2003

The Guam police chief, Earl Aguigui, says an indictment against the highest-ranking uniformed officer is a blow to the image of law enforcement.

Police Commander, Col Joseph Mafnas, has been charged with two counts of forgery, tampering with public records, unsworn falsification and official misconduct.

Col Mafnas allegedly completed and signed an evaluation form for himself without authorisation.

It is alleged he signed it under the name of former police chief Ed Kabina.

Mr Aguigui says it will take a lot of work for the police department to regain respect.

"When you have a ranking individual of distinction brought charges before the court then of course it tarnishes the image of the department and it also tarnishes the image of any police officer around the world."

Guam's police chief Earl Aguigui.

Last week, a former Transit Authority head, Antonio Diaz, was the lastest high-profile official to be indicted for miscounduct.