16 Dec 2002

Fiji Labour Party calls for sacking of senator over racist comments

3:43 pm on 16 December 2002

The Fiji Labour Party has called on the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, to sack Senator Mitieli Bulanauca for repeatedly making racist remarks in the upper house of parliament.

In the latest incident, Senator Bulanauca said Fiji would remain in turmpoil forever unless indigenous Fijians hold the leadership in perpetuity and Fiji is declared a Christian state.

He also said ethnic Europeans and Indian judges in the country's court systems hate indigenous Fijians and they shoudl be sacked and sent out of the country.

A Labour Party spokesman says Senator Bulanauca is a menace to the country and should be removed from the senate because of his unholy, un-Christian and racist attitude.

John Ali says unless Mr Qarase removes the senator, he will be branded a supporter of racism because he appointed the member.