30 Oct 2002

Broadcasters discuss Pacific television news exchange service

12:54 pm on 30 October 2002

An intent has been signed in New Caledonia to set up a regional television news exchange.

The co-operation deal was reached in talks between the French overseas public broadcaster RFO, Fiji TV One and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's satellite TV broadcaster; Asia Pacific.

Its chief executive, John Doherty, says the plan is in its preliminary stagesand financial aspects have yet to be discussed.


A lot of work needs to be done. It's really a matter for our news directors in the final analysis to get together to see if something like this is practical and in fact can move forward. We've just explored the possibilty of producing a long overdue programme that would take a comprehensive look at stories across the Pacific from Australia and Papua New Guinea all the way across the Pacific to the Cook Islands and French Polynesia.