9 Oct 2002

Fresh allegations of forged passports sold in Fiji

12:12 pm on 9 October 2002

Evidence is emerging that forged Fiji passports are being sold to Chinese nationals at Nadi international airport.

In a front page report, the Fiji Times says a Chinese national who claims to be part of a local crime ring has confirmed witnessing the exchange of passports for money.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation, says Chinese choose to come through Fiji because security measures are lax and Fiji passports draw less attention.

He says immigration officers are helping these Chinese and for each passport they sell, they are paid in cash.

Many of the buyers are reported to pay as much as 9-thousand US dollars for the passports.

Other media reports have published details of Chinese national entering Fiji using passports which had previously been used by other Chinese nationals.

These reports have also established that money has been changing hands at Nadi airport, with immigration officers not on duty present to take part in the transactions.