26 Sep 2002

Solomon Islands teachers issue another strike ultimatum to government

10:53 am on 26 September 2002

Solomon Islands teachers have issued another ultimatum to the government over wage arrears.

The teachers were ordered back to work this week after eleven weeks of protests over the governments failure to pay their wages and allowances on time.

Despite the order there were fears yesterday's high school entrance examination could still be disrupted.

However the examination went ahead as scheduled after a last minute agreement by the Education Ministry that two of the six weeks of outstanding wages would be paid out.

But Fred Taika, the general secretary of the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association, or SINTA, says they will ask their members to boycott the fifth form examinations on October 7th unless the remaining four weeks salary is paid before then.

"I just want to make it clear to the Solomon Islands government that this this time SINTA is not going to play around with this issue. It's high time that SINTA must stand firm and protect its members interest, especially the suffering that they've have gone through for the last eleven weeks"

Fred Taika