14 Sep 2002

American Samoan cleric says America needs to ponder the reasons for 9/11

9:19 am on 14 September 2002

An American Samoan church official says the US should sit back and ponder over the reasons why it was targetted by the September the 11th terrorist attacks.

The Rev-Elder Tapu Sitagata spoke at a memorial service marking the one-year anniversary of the attacks.

The Rev Sitagata says based on the bibilical Book of Psalms, God had punished his people of Israel because of their transgressions and disobedience and the Reverend says the same is happening to the US.

He says the US should look at how the rest of the world sees it and it should re-evaluate its foreign policies.

Rev Sitagata points to US policies that take sides with Israel in the Middle East conflict, and says they should be a mediator in such areas.

The Reverend also urged governor Tauese Sunia to relay a message to US president Bush that they should use sea water to flush Osama Bin Laden out of the caves in Afghanistan.