15 Aug 2002

Fiji police to monitor the military to prevent another coup

10:34 am on 15 August 2002

Fiji police are to set up a unit to monitor the military to prevent the risk of another coup.

The police commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, says the force needs to take preventive measures to ensure they can stop or control an armed takeover of the government.

Radio FM-96 quotes Col Savua as saying the police are now capable of stopping the military coming down with their guns.

He says the authorities have done nothing much so far although the country has gone through three coups since 1987

Col Savua says the military itself had a Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit but it was the same unit that carried out the May 2000 coup.

Col Savua, who was investigated for his alleged involvement in the 2000 coup says no-one can guarantee that there is not going to be another coup.