6 Aug 2002

Holy city idea not front of mind for Niue Premier

7:23 pm on 6 August 2002

The Premier of Niue Young Vivian says the offer of a multi million dollar investment by a Korean religious sect is not at the top of his agenda.

The proposal of around 100 million US dollars would see the Koreans buy the government's two hotels, re-establish a medical school on the island, and provide an air service.

In exchange they would get long term access to land for what has been called a holy city, which would be an enclosed compound spread over 150 hectares, housing up to 800 people.

Mr Vivian says there is a lot of opposition to the scheme so they are proceeding cautiously.

"You know there have been things like that talked about in the past, but didn't come to any fruition. We are not ruling out anything at this stage. We are looking at everything.We have yet to look at it, but at the present moment, certainly the people are very much against it."