7 Jun 2002

Solomons Police say they are waiting for people to complain that property was stolen

11:42 am on 7 June 2002

Solomon Islands police have confirmed that no stolen property was recovered in the amnesty which finished last week.

People who handed in guns and property taken during the ethnic unrest by May 31st were guaranteed they would not be charged.

The latest figures from the Peace Monitoring Council say nearly two thousand weapons have been handed in, along with more than two tonnes of explosives.

The stolen property includes dozens of vehicles, some of which continue to be openly used by police.

Deputy Police Commissioner Wilfred Akao says they can only investigate when people come forward and identify their stolen vehicles.

"Because during the height of tensions there are vehicles being repainted and have put in different number and also they have put on other extra things on those vehicles that makes the appearance quite different from it's origins, so we are waiting for information of that sort and then we can deal with them"

Wilfred Akao.

A spokesman for Ela Motors, which had five brand new four wheel utilities stolen at the height of the unrest, says they have asked police to investigate, and that the vehicles are easily identified.