15 May 2002

Human rights groups in Papua fault investigations into Theys Eluay's death

9:51 am on 15 May 2002

Church and human rights organisations in the Indonesian Province of Papua say Jakarta's investigation into the killing of the independence leader, Theys Eluay, will not reveal the people behind the killing.

In media interviews, the investigation team, KPN, has revealed they have not found gross violations of human rights, and that they have not uncovered a motive for the killing.

Brother Theo van den Broek of the Catholic Office for Justice and Peace, one of the organisations which has spoken out, says they believe the killing of Chief Eluay was an attempt to undermine the independence movement, and as such threatened the human rights of Papuans.

And he says the failure to find a motive will safeguard all those behind the killing.

"By stating that they don't have any evidence or facts confirming the background and the motives of the murder, almost automatically the further investigation will be only focussed on the people who have executed this act and not the people who are behind it."

Theo van den Broek says they want a credible professional investigation of the murder to uncover all the facts.

They have also renewed a call for the UN Rappporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions to be invited to Papua and given full legal access.