2 May 2002

Vanuatu election in Luganville delayed until Friday over ballot paper problem

6:18 pm on 2 May 2002

As voting is under way in Vanuatu's national elections, polling has been delayed in the Luganville constituency on Santo island after the discovery of an error in the ballot papers.

The papers had an incorrect photo for one of the candidates and the vote is now planned for tomorrow.

Don Wiseman reports from Port Vila.

"There are also reports of high seas in South Pentecost holding up the election there. In Port Vila voting got under way on time at 7:30 local time most polling stations had substantial queues but these had dissipated within the first hour, some locals say this points to a low turnout others such as this voter says the system is more efficient than before This year is a bit more good than the past years, voting here is clean it doesn't get too much time to wait for voting, it's very quick voting you have to wait only for ten or twenty minutes and you do your voting Meanwhile the political coordinator for the Vanua'aku party Willy Reuben Abel believes they'll do better than the nineteen seats won in the 1998 election and he's dismissive of the impacts of the new parties and the independents on the election Maybe a lot of people are tired they are tired of political party systems maybe they are tired of some leaders of political parties and they tend to go on their own way but we have had a good campaign before this election, I'm convinced that major political parties will pull through''"