12:15 Mike Nock

Sydney-based New Zealand jazz pianist and recipient of the 2014 Don Banks Music Award from the Australian Arts Council

12:40 Gunter Herbig

Upbeat contributor on music for guitar

1pm Luamanuvao Winnie Laban

Chair of Creative New Zealand’s Pacific Arts Committee

Luamanuvao Winnie Laban

Music played in this show

BRITTEN: How beautiful it is from The Turn of the Screw
Kate Royal (sop), English National Opera Orch / Edward Gardner
EMI 2 68192

NOCK: Mike Battles the Hydra
Mike Nock & Laurenz Pike
FWM 936088

NOCK: Forgotten Love
Mike Nock
ECM 829 161

NOCK: Hear and Know
Mike Nock Trio Plus
FWM 469226

NOCK: In, Out and Around 
Mike Nock
Timeless TI 313

BEECH: Storm                                     
New Zealand Guitar Quartet
Ode CDMANU 5153

HUNT: The Tailor’s Tale                      
William Kanengiser (gtr)
GSP 1006

SAGREGAS: El Colibri                                 
John Couch (gtr)
JB 1001

MENDELSSOHN: Mitten wir im Leben sind Op 23/3
New Zealand Secondary Students' Choir 2011-12 / Andrew Withington
NZSSC 2012