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Trollfageln (The Magic Bird) – Emilia Amper, nyckelharpa

Emila Amper TrollfagelnIt’s all about the nyckelharpa in Global Sounds today. This traditional Swedish fiddle uses keys to change the length of the strings and create different notes. It almost died out in the middle of the 20th century, but thanks largely to the efforts of master player Eric Sahlström it’s made a comeback. These days you can even study it at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, as did our featured musician Emilia Amper (BIS 992013)



Music Details:

Trollfageln: The Magic Bird – Emilia Amper (BIS SACD 2013)

Bredals Näckapolska (Trad arr Amper)

Ut i morka natten (Amper)

Isadora’s Land (Amper)

Brannvinslat fran Torsas (Trad arr Amper)

Pigopolskan (Trad arr Amper/Hedin)

Nar som flickorna de gifta sig (Trad arr Amper/Hedin/Svensson)

Till Maria (Amper)

Trollfuglen (Trad arr Amper)

Polska fra Hoffsmyran (Amper)

Herr Lager och skon fagern (Amper)

Vals fran Valsebo (Trad arr Amper/Lofberg)

Galatea Creek (Amper)