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Wellington-based bassist Nick Tipping sits in for Phil Broadhurst on  The Art of Jazz.  This week, Nick helps celebrate Concert’s New Zealand Music Week with Kiwi Jazzers you may not have heard of.

1) Trombonist Nick van Dijk plays his tune Patience from his album Oceans Like This on Rata RT004

2) The Michael Taylor group play Corners from their self-released album Quintiplicity

3) Bassist Tom Dennison plays his tune Antelope from his album Zoo on Rattle Jazz RAT-J-1008

4) Bruce Brown plays piano and sings his song Can’t Get Abducted ET Don’t Dig Me Blues from his self-produced album Love Finds You

5) Saxophonist Reuben Derrick plays the Ellington and Mills tune Sophisticated Lady on his album Champagne for Everyone.

6) Olivier Holland (bass) is joined by Nathan Haines (tenor sax) on his tune If I Should Lose You from the album Duets on Ode Records CDMANUS 5102

7) Paul Dyne plays Greenish Blue from his album Shelter Of the Ti-Tree  released on Ode Records.

8) The Troubles play the Lucien Johnson tune Les Oiseauxd’Amour from their self-titled album on Rattle Records RAT-J-1010