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Series Classification: PG | Produced for RNZ and Whakaata Māori by Pito Productions


2023 Schedule (Episodes available from 6am (NZST) on a Saturday morning)
September 16 - ​Episode 1: Returning
September 23 - ​Episode 2: Piano
September 30 - ​Episode 3: Sirens
October 7 - ​Episode 4: Stories
October 14 - ​Episode 5: Pikopiko
October 21 - ​Episode 6: Huruhuru Manu


When a young woman, Mihi, vanishes, three estranged cousins reunite to solve the mystery of her disappearance, with all paths leading to a river that flows both ways: Waihara.

The River is an eerie, six-part mystery podcast with a Māori twist. This spine-tingling scripted series follows Aria Hikirangi, a young career woman who returns to her rural hometown of Kingswood to help find her baby cousin, Mihi. Not everything is what it seems. She discovers Mihi’s diary, which alludes to a more sinister truth. She must work with her cousins, navigating whānau drama, supernatural forces, and an ominous river to discover the truth behind the missing Kingswood women.

Through a cast of unique characters, this series unpacks themes of Māori identity, hara, whakapapa, and forgiveness. As Āria uncovers secrets that reveal a more unsettling truth in the town, she struggles to reconnect with her whanau, awa, and self in the process.

Told through a cinematic, immersive listening experience, The River is the first scripted narrative Māori podcast that utilizes the latest 360 reality audio technology, placing listeners hand-in-hand with the Hikirangi cousins. With every breath of wind, whisper, and violent splash, we submerge into the mystery behind Waihara and why, for generations, the people of Kingswood have vanished.