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Series ClassificationG (General Audiences)

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Tuesday 19 September: Chris Hipkins
Wednesday 20 September: Marama Davidson and James Shaw
Thursday 21 September: David Seymour
Friday 22 September: Christopher Luxon

Instead of the usual campaign diet of sausage rolls, lollies, and caffeine, in this web series our top four polling parties put their leaders on the chopping block in the kitchen.

The leaders of Act, the Greens, Labour, and National faced Midday Report’s Charlotte Cook, who grilled them over policies, technique in the kitchen, and how they got into politics.

Each party got to pick a meal of their choice. Some made bolder decisions than others, but all provided the perfect way to see who could be leading your country, from the comfort of a kitchen.

Watch the series to find out if they could handle the heat, who tried to serve raw chicken, and if knives came out.

Te Pāti Māori and NZ First declined to take part in the series.