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Series Classification: PG (Parental Guidance) | Produced by Tomorrow Rain & Electric Shoelace Productions for TAHI


Focusing on a different local conspiracy each episode, our host Bubbah takes audiences on a ride through where the theory came from, the evidence to support it, and how much truth it actually holds...

Each episode, Bubbah -- in completely serious journalistic fashion -- will get on the ground, in the places each conspiracy came from. She’ll get first-hand insight from the locals about the conspiracy, while motion graphics and animation visually represent the subject matter, whether it be the Te Anau moose, the flying spaghetti monster chilling over Mt Vic, or the penis-shaped aviation patterns in Canterbury.

Each episode wraps up with Bubbah and our resident specialist Matt Williams unpacking the episode’s conspiracy, and why it took hold. Matt shares some guidance on how to assess misinformation, equipping our audience with the tools to make their own informed decisions on what they read online.