15 Oct 2020

Judith Collins on why National should form the next government

9:48 am on 15 October 2020

National Party leader Judith Collins spoke to Nine to Noon.

Missed the interview? Watch it back here:

Collins has been on the attack this week, going after the Green Party in particular - saying she thinks they are "unemployable" and particularly targeting their wealth tax policy - but has also called Labour leader Jacinda Ardern a "liar" and repeatedly claimed Ardern would go back on her promise and introduce a wealth tax.

She has also been under fire after saying obesity is about personal responsibility, with experts saying that is wrong, one of her own MPs saying it is more complicated than that, and Ardern saying it is a stance that departs from the evidence-based approach of John Key and Bill English. One commentator says Collins is pandering to the food industry lobby.

Pundits have called her recent aggression desperate and bizarre, noting that Labour is not likely to back down over the wealth tax, but it likely marks a move to shore up National's base after a tough week last week.

Ardern is speaking to the programme at the same time tomorrow.

See what Collins had to say here:

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