11 Sep 2020

The Elevator Pitch: Can a politician convince you to vote for them in a lift?

10:45 am on 11 September 2020

Politicians are known for long-winded waffle and talking around the point, but what if they don't have the time?

In a new five-part series, The Elevator Pitch, Charlotte Cook meets each party leader and gives them the length of the elevator ride - yes an actual moving lift - to convince voters which box to tick on election day.

Using the various lifts at Parliament, and GoPro cameras for social distancing purposes, she asked the leaders why they deserve a vote.

The leaders from Labour, National, NZ First, Act and Green explain their main policies, what separates them from the competition, and who they might poach from the other parties if given the chance.

To find out who David Seymour's cartoon crush is, or what policy Jacinda Ardern or Judith Collins won't compromise on, and who James Shaw and Winston Peters might fight over, watch the videos as they're released.


  • The Elevator Pitch: David Seymour on holding politicians to account
  • The Elevator Pitch: James Shaw on who he'd fight for
  • The Elevator Pitch: 'We believe in people' - Judith Collins
  • The Elevator Pitch: 'What's needed is a party of common sense' - Winston Peters