15 Sep 2020

The Elevator Pitch: 'What's needed is a party of common sense' - Winston Peters

10:44 am on 15 September 2020

In the second episode of Elevator Pitch, Charlotte Cook asks New Zealand First leader Winston Peters what his party offers that the others don't.

This series is exactly as its name suggests - perfect for those with a light appetite for politics or just a short attention span.

Party leaders are limited to the length of an elevator ride to explain why they deserve your vote.

In this episode, Winston Peters went to the top in one of the Beehive's many lifts pitching New Zealand First as the party of promises.

He said no other party had kept promises like it had, over a length of 50 years.

Peters said their party's experience was essential amid the others with extremes.

"What's needed is a party of common sense and experience in the middle."

But the veteran politician, well known for his bottom lines, was hard pushed to choose just one policy he is not willing to negotiate on.

However, he is quick to poach an MP from another party.

National Party leader Judith Collins has already taken the journey up, and has dibs on a Green Party MP

The Elevator Pitch is a five-part series where leaders of the main parties pitch why someone should vote for them in the time it takes to ride the elevator.

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